Monday, September 10, 2007

Our Current Writing Project -- Personal Narratives

Scroll down to the next article to see the study guide for our Tuesday quiz on the short story, "Names/Nombres." We reviewed for that in class today.

We are making progress on our personal narrative essays. This is a major writing project that has taken numerous class periods of instruction and preparatory work, so the final product will be an important grade.

Tomorrow we will continue to revise the essays for content. This will include: adding sensory details as needed, making more exact word choices, choosing vivid verbs, being sure that the sequence of events if clear. It will also include: capturing the readers' attention with a good introduction; providing closure in the conclusion; and adding dialogue.

Wednesday we plan to work on editing and proof-reading the personal narrative essays for structural and mechanical errors. Then we will let the essays rest for a couple of days.

After we have done a final re-reading of our essays, we will move on to the publishing stage. I have reserved the computer lab for our use Tuesday and Wednesday of next week so that we can publish the final drafts of them.

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