Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Update on This Week's Classwork

Today we had 30 minutes of class time in which to continue revising our personal narrative essays. I had an opportunity today to sign us up for some additional, previously unavailable, computer lab time. The 1st and 2nd blocks will be able to spend one class period in the lab tomorrow beginning to publish working copies of their writing-in-progress. We will go there immediately upon finishing out check-out appointment in the media center. The 4th block will have time on Thursday to do the same thing. We hope that each student will produce a printed copy of his/her work upon which to do the editing and proofreading in the next few days. We will then return to the computer lab next Tuesday and Thursday to make final changes and publish the essays. In the last few days I have been pleased to see a lot of hard work and thoughtful revising done by most of the students.

The selection quiz on "Names/Nombres" today was successful for most of our students. The test results seemed very consistent with my observations of the attention and effort being displayed by students during the classwork on this short story. The students who have been attentive and who have worked well on this story got the rewards of that work in the form of good grades on that quiz. Those who have not been on task regularly, generally speaking, also clearly demonstrated on the quiz what they learned. You can, of course, check for those grades on I-Parent.

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