Thursday, October 18, 2007

Student Council Representatives

Today was election day for our school Student Council.

At our 7th grade assembly the candidates for SC representative gave speeches, and the students voted for their choices. We elected 4 excellent representatives. I was pleased to see that the students took their voting privilege seriously and did not vote just on popularity. They obviously listened to the speeches and tried to choose responsible and dependable representatives.

Congratulations to Kaylee and Kiston on their election.

These two highly qualified and conscientious students are in our Language Arts Classes (and in my homeroom too, BTW!). The other two newly elected 7th Grade representatives, MacKenzie and Francisco, take Language Arts instruction from Mr. Jones. I hear that they are equally qualified; so congratulations also go out to them.

Among the congratulatory notes given to me to include in this post are:

from KH: Congrats, Kaylee! I think you'll be a great student council member."

from KA: Congrats, Kiston, you rock!

from KD: You are great, Kaylee!

from Mrs. T: Your speeches were great! We are all proud of you.

from BT: Wassup?! Way, Frany!

from SR: Congrats, Kaylee! You da bomb!

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