Thursday, October 18, 2007

Update on This Week's Classwork

We have been very busy since my last blogpost.

In class we have worked on these grammar concepts and skills:
  • Using prefixes and suffixes to increase reading comprehension and fluency as well as to extend vocabulary
  • Recognizing complex and compound-complex sentences and knowing when to use them in writing to show relationships between ideas

We have read:

  • The novel Danger on Midnight River by Gary Paulsen
  • An excerpt from a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Currently, the novel Bud, Not Buddy (set in the same time period as the biography we just read.)

We are preparing our thoughts and working toward the prewriting of our expository essay. Each student is going to write a 5-paragraph essay comparing and contrasting two persons, places, things, or ideas of his/her choice.

I took a daily grade this week on oral reading. One of our GPS is that the student can read orally with appropriate expression and volume and can decode unfamiliar words and self-correct pronunciations as needed. I also took a daily grade on summarizing and paraphrasing skills as we discussed our class reading assignments.

I will add our Word of the Week and our Quote of the Week to the sidebar ASAP.

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