Saturday, October 27, 2007

Week of October 22-26

What a week this has been at MMS7! Red Ribbon Week is always a busy and hectic one in schools around the nation. Our emphasis for the week is to be sure students know why they should avoid drug use, to encourage ("to instill courage") them to withstand whatever pressures they may encounter to start the use of drugs, and to celebrate the joys of the drug-free life.

Our students threw themselves into the celebration. They read drug research-study results, participated in a number of events such as teacher-student volleyball games, chalk-play, contests, and door-decorating to cement their commitment to remaining drug-free.

Pictured above is the door decoration that our homeroom designed and displayed.

In our regular classwork this week we began studying the writing of a comparison and/or contrast essay. We studied how to get ideas and organize them. On Monday we will begin the first step of the writing process: prewriting. Students will come to class with their topic decided and ready to begin prewriting and organizing the essay.

We also did the vocabulary study for a new reading selection: "A Retrieved Reformation" by O. Henry. We will begin reading that on Monday as well. We are also continuing to read new chapters daily from the novel Bud, Not Buddy.

In grammar study, we continued practicing the use of nouns in various positions in sentences and reviewed case, number and person of pronouns.

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Hey Mrs.T,

Today was the first day I got to get on your web page it's really cool I got to go over some grammer that I did not exactly get but I do know. I'm so sad that your leaving but i've got you a little present for friday before you leave you'll have to come and see us when you leave.I was wondering if you will still keep this website or a different one so i can still talk to you cause i love you to death. You can tell me in class tommorow. see you later

Megan landers